Our mortgage professionals can navigate you through the right product and explore with you the ability to arrange financing to purchase, build your home, renovate, or arrange for a debt consolidation loan to eliminate the many payments you may be faced with today.  As well, when you still owe a balance at the end of your mortgage term you can renegotiate your terms with a variety of lenders ensuring your current mortgage matches your new financial goals.  Each mortgage renewal is an opportunity for you to reassess your financial goals, so let an Acer mortgage professional help you in this task.

Obtaining mortgage financing from a major lender for someone new to Canada or a non-resident can be challenging especially with lending programs changing all the time.  Our mortgage professionals can provide you a variety of choices available in the marketplace. Or, if you are just having a difficult time qualifying for a mortgage with your bank give us a call and we will quickly assess the best way for you to access the funds you need.

At Acer Mortgage Lending Corp. we understand that our preferred lenders will review your application holistically, taking into consideration your entire profile not only your income.   This approach can be particularly useful to high net worth individuals, who, at times may not evidence sufficient income to support the mortgage payment since income may be generated in a way that major lenders do not recognize.


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